What is "ISAAC earthquake"?

What is "ISAAC earthquake"?
Witness the ISAAC earthquake live, and discover the real effectiveness of I-Pro 1.

ISAAC earthquake is the experimental campaign during which we will subject two buildings to earthquakes of increasing intensity that will allow us to test on a vibrating table I-Pro 1 analyzing the damage that the two structures will suffer.During the ISAAC earthquake (which will be transmitted in live streaming on ISAAC antisismica YouTube channel) we will test in real conditions the seismic improvement brought about by the installation of I-Pro 1 on a structure by simulating a real earthquake in the laboratory.

For this reason, two structures in reinforced concrete framed and buffered in brick were created, designed and built in the same way and constrained to the same base, which will subsequently be positioned on a vibrating table. A comparative approach will then follow between the building equipped with I-Pro 1 and the one without the system, in order to analyze the different gradual damage of the two structures. calculation, the seismic improvement made to a building thanks to interventions aimed at modifying its structural response (reinforcements, insulators, dissipators, ...), without ever experimentally verifying their real effectiveness in the event of an earthquake, ISAAC has decided to go further by testing the behavior of its ISAAC Protection 1 (I-Pro 1) technology by intentionally triggering an earthquake.Despite the fact that the seismic improvement obtainable thanks to the installation of I-Pro 1 on numerous buildings has already been numerically demonstrated, and with different linear and non-linear methodologies, ISAAC has in fact decided to verify it experimentally in the field, so as to demonstrate the real effectiveness. of I-Pro 1.

All this will take place in the laboratories of the EUCENTRE Research Center in Pavia, at the beginning of 2021.
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