The telephone of the wind

THE Wind Phone in Japan: An Incredible Spiritual Connection


Immersed in the magical and fascinating Japanese nature, on a hill outside the city of Otsuchi, there is an intriguing and suggestive place called the "Telephone of the Wind". This installation has captured the imagination of many visitors and has become a must-see for adventurers seeking spiritual connection and tranquility.




What is THE Wind Phone?


The "Wind Telephone" is an unusual cultural icon and a testament to the profound spirituality of the Japanese people.

This is not a working telephone in the traditional sense, but rather a telephone booth placed in the middle of untouched nature, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and green fields.

It was built in 2010, by Itaru Sasaki, after his cousin's death. The idea of ​​dialing his number and "letting his words blow on the wind" helped Sasaki overcome missing his cousin and maintain a bond with him.

Visitors are invited to enter the booth, pick up the handset and speak, not with another human being on the other end of the line, but with deceased loved ones or with themselves, to free themselves of emotional burdens and reflect on their own inner me.

After the devastating seismic events which hit the Japan on March 11, 2011, the monument became a place of pilgrimage. From that day, in fact, "the telephone of the wind" was made available by its owner to all those who wanted to communicate with their loved ones.

For locals, this phone booth is a sanctuary for mourning and forgiveness. People go there to honor the memory of deceased loved ones, express gratitude or ask forgiveness for past mistakes. It is a place of listening and reconciliation, an empathetic ritual for those seeking consolation and hope.



The "Wind Telephone" has become a symbol of unity and emotional support within the community, but has also attracted the attention of foreign visitors, intrigued by its beauty and the symbolic power it represents.

Since 2011, the monument has welcomed over 30 visitors and has been replicated in different parts of the world, as well as inspiring several novels and films.

However, in order for this place to maintain its magic and respect for its sacredness, visitors are invited to follow some rules. The cabin is a place for reflection and serenity, so visitors are encouraged to be respectful and leave the place as they found it.



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