What is the seismic risk of my municipality?

What is the seismic risk of my municipality?
Is the house I want to buy located in an area with a high seismic risk?
Is the building I want to renovate in an earthquake zone?

Being aware of a problem, and knowing what the risks are, is the best solution to make informed decisions that reduce cases of non-compliance, safeguard everyone's safety and promote good management practices. seismic protection.


What is the seismic risk of my municipality? Check it out with the Safe + portal.

To verify the seismic risk of a municipality, today we have an additional tool: thanks to the portal Safe + it is possible, in fact, to view the seismic risk maps of the Italian municipalities, with the evaluation of the possible negative consequences due to the occurrence of earthquakes, both on the resident population and on the buildings; this allows to know, and therefore to prevent as much as possible, the inconveniences caused by possible earthquakes.
The platform, funded by Civil protection and created in collaboration with EUCENTRE, in addition to returning a simplified estimate of the seismic risk of a municipality it allows to know the dangerousness, the exposure, the vulnerability, the prevention actions to be carried out and the available economic measures.


Understanding and awareness at the basis of seismic prevention.

Understanding the risk and its awareness are the basis of the actions of seismic prevention. For this reason, the new Civil Protection Code (Legislative Decree no.1 of 02/01/2018) places particular emphasis on non-structural prevention actions, risk communication and the role of the citizen. The latter is no longer seen, in fact, as a passive subject, but on the contrary becomes itself an actor within a complex system of activities.

ISAAC is constantly committed to promoting prevention and widespread knowledge of issues related toanti-seismic. For this reason we believe that this and all the initiatives aimed at promoting the seismic culture are an indispensable tool for safeguarding lives and national heritage.

For more information, and interview with the project managers, we suggest this in-depth article.

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