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Install. Protect. Monitor.

Active seismic protection for your building with technology Active Mass Damper.

non-invasive installation of ISAAC technology
Non-invasive installation

The machines are installed in coverage, without impacting the residents and the architecture of the building.

ISAAC technology is modular

The system can be realized in multiple configurations, obtaining one customized configuration for the building.

the sensors of the ISAAC system monitor the structure 24 hours a day
24h monitoring

The accelerometric sensors record data 24 hours a day, allowing the continuous dynamic monitoring even remotely.


What are active systems for seismic protection?


Basically, the systems for the seismic protection of structures are divided into active and passive. THE active systems they use mechanisms that are activated if they register a seismic shock beyond a certain threshold and whose force is modulated according to the registered accelerations. Active protection technologies use devices that we could say "react to earthquakes".
This is the case with the Active Mass Damper: masses moved by mechanical systems whose oscillations are electronically controlled in amplitude and frequency according to the accelerations experienced by the building. 

 ISAAC developed the first active and intelligent system for seismic protection of existing buildings. The system is installed on the roof of the building and, thanks to accelerometric sensors applied in significant points of the facades, records the movements of the building and independently counteracts the inertial forces induced by the earthquake, through the controlled oscillation of active masses. The result is an increase in structural damping which reduces the displacements induced by the earthquake avoiding damage to the structure or sudden collapses.

Why is seismic protection important?


La seismic protection of structures it is one of the main fields of study of structural engineering, particularly in geographic areas with a high seismic risk. Its goal is to minimize damage to buildings and thus save lives in the event of an earthquake. The culture of seismic protection is essential for manage prevention activities, guarantee the safety and restoration of buildings.

For some types of buildings, seismic protection is a prerequisite; this applies to:

  • structures that contain hazardous components and materials;
  • bridges and viaducts for communication routes of primary importance;
  • important hospital buildings;
  • strategic structures for the state;
  • museums and artistic monuments.

In recent decades, the traditional approach, based on guaranteeing structures high ductility that allows them to be damaged in a widespread way without collapsing, has been accompanied by innovative technologies such as active systems for seismic protection.


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