Seismic consolidation of structures
in reinforced concrete

Install. Protect. Monitor.

What is seismic consolidation?

In recent decades, the traditional approach, based on guaranteeing structures high ductility that allows them to be damaged in a widespread way without collapsing, has been accompanied by innovative technologies such as active systems for seismic protection.

Engineers in reinforced concrete structure

Reinforced concrete buildings: seismic improvement and adaptation

How can you act for the improvement orseismic adaptation of concrete structures? Over time, these constructions can lose their ability to deal with and resist an earthquake and it is therefore necessary to intervene.

For the seismic consolidation of reinforced concrete buildings there are several solutions, which generally involve theinsertion of elements in the structure, helping to make it more resistant to shocks. Widely used are the structural reinforcements in composite materials (especially carbon fiber) which are integrated into the building.

Even the seismic isolators they are suitable for adapting a concrete structure: thanks to their ability to decouple the movement of the ground from the superstructure, they limit the movements of the building helping to preserve it.

Why prefer an active anti-seismic device like I-Pro 1?

I passive anti-seismic devices such as seismic isolators or structural reinforcements can be excellent solutions, but present major problems:

  • They take a long time to apply to the structure
  • They require construction sites and significant interventions on the building to be made earthquake-proof
  • They necessarily require the evacuation of the building during the works.

Unlike these, the installation of active seismic prevention, as the I-Pro device 1, lets lead non-invasive seismic interventions.

This intelligent system it is positioned directly on the roofs of small and medium-sized reinforced concrete buildings, without involving structural changes. Thanks to sensors and innovative technology, I-Pro 1 detects when there is an earthquake in progress and develops adequate forces able limit the movements of the building.

I-Pro 1 also plays a continuous monitoring of all the sensors installed on the building as well as the status of the installed machines.

Structural consolidation and I-Pro 1 to enhance building safety

Carrying out seismic improvement and adaptation interventions is essential to guarantee the resistance of the structure during the earthquake and limit damage to property and people.

THEadding a smart system like I-Pro 1 allows you to actively counteract tremors earthquake and reach a high level of safety of the reinforced concrete building.

I-Pro 1 seismic protection device: discover the innovative technology

I-Pro 1

I-Pro 1

I-Pro 1 is the intelligent active technology for the seismic protection of existing buildings.



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