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Thanks to the collaboration with ISAAC, NextFEM Designer is the first commercial FEM software capable of conducting structural analyzes by natively implementing Active Mass Damper systems.

Download NextFEM Designer for free on your PC and discover the potential of this integration!


NextFEM now offers the possibility to simulate systems Active Mass Damper (AMD) directly in the processed FEM model.

Choose the «AMD» nonlinear property to associate with the modeled Link, and edit the parameters of the active control!

You can define: the G parameter of the control algorithm, the entity of the moving mass of the AMD, the maximum force that can be delivered, the stroke limit and the speed limit.

You will also be able to perform structural analyzes that take into account the effects of an active control in real-time and access all the parameters that govern its sizing, such as the control force delivered, the kinematics of the mobile masses and the dissipated energy balance.

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