The anti-seismic renovation increases the value of the property.

Invest in anti-seismic renovation it can prove profitable, in fact, it increases the value of the property object of the intervention with an obvious advantage for the owner and manager of the property. An anti-seismic building is a profitable investment from an economic point of view as well as for safety. Its commercial value increases significantly, especially in some areas with high seismic risk where the risk is strongly perceived, and the cost incurred for the seismic protection of the structure is easily absorbed.

It is good to remember that the anti-seismic renovation of a building is a passage dictated not only by the emotions arising following an earthquake, but by practical and rational needs.

What are the reasons why it is worth carrying out anti-seismic interventions?

  1. Seismic risk. Italy is a territory with a strong seismic risk. Seismic zones 1 and 2, which are those in which the probability of a strong earthquake is highest, make up almost half of the entire national territory. Incidentally, around 22 million people live there.
  2. The anti-seismic renovation increases the value of the property. Following an anti-seismic renovation, the property dramatically increases its value. Also because, if we exclude newly built buildings, there are few who comply with the requirements imposed by the current anti-seismic legislation. Your property will therefore have an important plus that will benefit you at the time of bargaining.

Therefore, promoting anti-seismic renovation interventions increases the value of the property and is therefore a good investment idea.

Thanks to seismic prevention you will save lives, protect your real estate asset and safeguard your savings. Choose to protect your building now. Choose to do it with ISAAC.

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