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ISAAC: smart technologies for seismic protection

May 11, 2020

“I used electric motors from broken printers and built mechanisms with components from hardware stores. I spent days and nights in the University workshops with the laboratory technicians who had taken me to heart by now and who continued to teach me from their experiences. After about 2 years I came to build the first prototype to scale "
- Ing. Alberto Bussini, CEO of ISAAC.

ISAAC: smart technologies for seismic protection

After the first steps in the corridors of the university, a lot of passion and dedication, it was founded in 2017 ISAAC, an innovative company specializing in smart technologies for seismic protection of buildings. This was how the adventure began to create a project that would revolutionize the civil engineering sector. For the first time, in fact, a standard and flexible technology was proposed to seismically protect existing buildings, and save life. A story that, like all success stories, began with the passion of those who believed they could change things.
Today ISAAC is a young and dynamic company that thanks to its team of technicians and managers proposes itself as a reference player for the supply of smart technologies for seismic protection and structural monitoring.

I-Pro 1 the patent that started the ISAAC adventure.

With I-Pro 1, ISAAC offers a solution to the problem of seismic safety thanks to a simple and accessible technology.
ISAAC, for the first time in the civil engineering sector, adopts an industrial approach to solve the problem of seismic safety: in a context in which the problem has always been faced with improvised and difficult solutions to be adopted in all contexts, I-Pro 1 offers a standard alternative.

“We want everyone to benefit from the opportunity to safeguard their own peace of mind. This is why we make sure that ISAAC products are accessible to everyone, and in every context, thanks to non-invasive and easy-to-use technologies; so that seismic protection becomes an ordinary practice ".

Today ISAAC is experiencing a moment of strong growth and development that will lead it to present itself permanently on the market in the coming months.

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