ISAAC and EDERA: the Energiesprong project

ISAAC e EDERA they started a collaborative project together Energiesprong, a revolutionary and award-winning model for redeveloping real estate assets through an innovative process with highly prefabricated technical solutions.

Who is EDERA?

EDERA Srl Social Enterprise it is the innovation center for the decarbonisation and regeneration of the built environment. 

Experiments and disseminates innovative solutions capable of reducing construction times, costs and environmental impact to satisfy the needs of people on a large scale and generate benefits for the community. 


Why Energiesprong?

"Energiesprong" in Dutch means "Energy Leap" and in fact promotes the development and integration of energy and anti-seismic retrofit techniques with an industrialized approach, in order to redevelop homes and improve the quality of life.

ISAAC is committed, together with EDERA, to proposing effective ready-to-use anti-seismic solutions with low social and economic impact in the Italian building context.

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