Fast and minimally invasive anti-seismic interventions

Securing buildings from seismic risk with fast and minimally invasive seismic interventions it's possible; these interventions not only save human lives, but also avoid serious structural damage and consequent costly reconstruction interventions. Demolition, reconstruction, gutting are nowadays unsustainable approaches as it is not possible to remove residents from their homes, often for long periods.
This is the reason why we try to adopt the least invasive solution, which integrates better with the structure without radical changes and without causing inconvenience to property owners and residents.
We can therefore dispel the prejudice that anti-seismic interventions cannot be performed in inhabited buildings. The active control system of the seismic response ISAAC is the proof of this.


Fast and minimally invasive anti-seismic intervention with ISAAC

Seismically protect a building with ISAAC is the prime example of how it is possible to secure a building from seismic risk thanks to a quick and minimally invasive intervention. In fact, it is sufficient to install the system on the roof of the building to improve the seismic response of the structure.


How to seismically protect a building with a rapid and non-invasive intervention with ISAAC?

To secure a building from seismic risk with ISAAC technology it is sufficient:

  1. Define the number of devices needed to achieve the required seismic improvement, always with the help and support of our technicians.
  2. Install the Active Mass Damper on the roof and motion sensors on the building walls.

To install ISAAC technology it is not necessary to work inside the building, it is therefore it is possible to continue to carry out the activities inside, minimizing discomforts for users and owners of the building.

Do you want to seismically improve your home with a fast and minimally invasive anti-seismic intervention?

If you want to secure a building with a fast and minimally invasive anti-seismic intervention by adopting ISAAC technology contact us!

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