ISAAC check forces tool

Check Forces Tool it is the software used by ISAAC to verify that the active inertial actuator, modeled within the FEM software used by the designers, is able to develop the force profile required for the entire duration of the earthquake.

What are the features of Check Forces Tool?

With an intuitive interface, extraordinary analysis speed and essentiality in its function, Check Forces Tool was created for designers and engineers who want to get the most out of their FEM simulations.


Check Forces Tool's simple and user-friendly interface allows you to get results quickly, without the need for advanced technical skills. Simply upload your strength profiles and the software will do the rest.


Check Forces Tool is designed to save your precious time. Analyzes are performed extraordinarily quickly, allowing you to make informed decisions without delay.


Focus only on critical information. Check that the required peak force is compatible with your motor's capabilities, that the force-velocity profile is within limits, and that the motor temperature is manageable. Nothing more, nothing less.


Inside Check Forces Tool an electro-mechanical and thermal model of the linear electric motors that drive the active inertial actuators (AMD) proposed by ISAAC is implemented.

It is possible to load one or more force profiles obtained from FEM simulations into the software by verifying that:

  • the peak force required is less than the maximum force that the engine can develop;
  • the required force-velocity profile is lower than the force-velocity limit curve of the motor;
  • the temperature reached by the engine is lower than the maximum operating temperature.

From the results obtained, it is possible to calibrate the AMD control parameters in FEM software to obtain force profiles that can actually be developed by the AMD.

Download Check Forces Tool

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