AMDesign is the SAP2000® software plug-in developed by ISAAC antisismica, in collaboration with CSI Italia, to support the designer during structural design with Active Mass Damper (AMD) systems.

Download AMDesign on your PC to carry out structural analyzes by applying an active system for seismic protection on your FEM model made in SAP2000®.

AMDesign is the sap2000 plug-in developed in partnership with CSI Italia.

Accurate. Intuitive.

AMDesign is quick and easy to install. To work, you need an active license of SAP2000® on your PC. *

Once the AMDesign plug-in is on your pc and after registering, you just need to enter the data of the structure to start analyzing the behavior of the building.

* System requirements: at the time of installation, if not already present, the Matlab installer will be installed automatically.

What are the features of AMDdesign?

Thanks to its functionalities, AMDesign supports the designer in the design of anti-seismic interventions, thanks to the use of active control systems of the seismic response.

SAP2000® input

AMDesign accepts as input any type of FEM model created using SAP2000®.

Modal Analysis

With AMDesign it is possible to create modal analyzes using SAP2000® and export the results.

Active Control Design

Through AMDesign it is possible to design an active control system by inserting an Active Mass Dumper on the roof, performing linear and non-linear simulations.

Show Architecture

AMDesign allows you to check the architecture of the installed system.

Time History Analysis

AMDesign allows you to configure and carry out linear and non-linear time history analyzes, evaluating the dynamic response of the structure under load, moment by moment.

Run Analysis

Once the analysis has been completed, with AMDesign it is possible to check the state of stress of the model and carry out the vulnerability checks and therefore the resistance of the individual structural elements.

With AMDesign you have the possibility to interact directly with SAP2000®

  1. Calculate the control forces required for the accelerogram chosen when configuring the Load Case.
  2. Simulate the dynamic behavior of the structure.
  3. Quickly check the results and improvements that can be obtained by adopting an Active Mass Damper.
  4. Save the Load Cases directly on SAP2000® to carry out vulnerability analysis.
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Contacts and Assistance

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