Active seismic protection: experimental tests, numerical simulations and design tools

Technology  I-Pro 1, the first active control system of the seismic response distributed on the European market, allows to significantly improve the global behavior of structures subject to seismic events. In Sixth Book of 2021 of the Seismic Design Magazine the principle of operation of the technology is described, the experimental campaign #EARTHQUAKEISAAC and the elaboration of numerical models representative of the dynamic response measured using the software FEM Midas GenThe article also presents two software tools developed by ISAAC, AMDesign e ISAAC tools, to support the designer in the design of seismic improvement interventions with active control systems of the seismic response.

If the first, ISAAC-AMDesign, refers to the calculation core of the SAP2000 software and is configured as the current reference tool for executive planning, the second, ISAAC-tool, by adopting simplifications in the calculation scheme of the sub-structure to be able to take advantage of minimum initial information as input data, fulfills the need for the execution of rapid vulnerability analysis and system pre-dimensioning for the purposes of the feasibility study. [vc_separator]

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