Tower Pro

Efficient. Revolutionary. Safe.

Tower-Pro is the first active protection system to guarantee stability against vibrations and atmospheric events for towers, pylons and infrastructures.

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The first active control system for infrastructures.

Tower Pro is the new generation electric active system for vibration control applicable to towers, pylons and infrastructure.

It allows to improve the resilience al seismic risk and to natural events like the wind, whose vibrations, if not controlled, can compromise the integrity of the structure. Installing Tower-Pro also allows you to make real-time monitoring.


How does Tower Pro work?

Tower Pro, Thanks to the technology Active Mass Damper by ISAAC generates inertial forces that stabilize the structure on which the system is installed, reducing its oscillation amplitude.

Through ours innovative technologies and methods of advanced analytics, ISAAC offers solutions Custom to reduce the effect of vibrations on the structure, ensuring its stability.