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Your safety is important.

We take care of it, every day.

Born from the homonymous project of the Politecnico di Milano, ISAAC is an Italian company based in Milan specialized in the development of smart technologies is preferably used for seismic protection and monitoring of buildings and infrastructures.

ISAAC has patented technologies Active Mass Damper for seismic protection, also applicable to existing buildings, starting from a hydraulic model tested on full-scale buildings. The technology then evolved into a generation of electric machines, more modular and suitable for any type of building.

Mission and Vision

Our commitment and our vision of the future.

Operating according to environmental, ethical and professional principles that comply with the highest governance criteria, ISAAC is committed every day, with its entire team of engineers and managers, to protecting the built world, its value and its qualities.

The safety of people, their homes and their well-being is our priority. We are committed, every day, to take care of it. We protect people, their home and its value.

ISAAC is committed to revolutionizing the anti-seismic sector by promoting the culture of prevention and making accessible the possibility of protecting the existing building heritage, the comfort and life of all those who live there, so that this becomes a common practice in the future.



Our team of experienced professionals is at your disposal.