A 5 million series A round: ISAAC celebrates an important milestone

A 5 million round series: ISAAC celebrates an important milestone


ISAAC has completed a Series A round da 5 million euro thanks to the participation of CDP Venture Capital SGRthrough funds Evolution e Corporate Partners The InfraTech sector as lead investor, supported by the historical partner 360 funds and the new investor NovaCapital.

Thanks to the recently concluded Series A round, ISAAC will be able to consolidate its presence in the seismic protection of buildings market, invest in product development and in the expansion of its market by developing new areas of application.

The resources obtained will allow you to continue developing a smart and non-invasive technology, can protect the well-being of the people bringing innovation to the marketbuilding and infrastructure.



Passion, competence, vision. Thus ISAAC has managed to achieve another important goal, the result of the commitment of the whole team!



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